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Electric cars




We want to put 200,000 electric vehicles on Tennessee's roads by 2028. Why should you be in one of them?



Save Money

EVs can cut your fuel costs in half, and since there are no oil changes, maintenance costs are reduced as well!

  • 3¢/mile to drive an EV, vs. 12¢/mile for gas
  • fewer trips to the mechanic
  • fewer parts to service

Reduce Emissions

EVs don’t have a tailpipe! That means your car is only as dirty as the energy grid that you’re charging from.

  • emit 0g/mile CO2 vs. ~400g CO2 for gas
  • contribute to healthier lungs
  • idle your car with no emissions

Have Fun

EVs are fast, nimble, and quiet. They’re the most fun you’ve ever had behind the wheel.

  • instant torque means amazing acceleration
  • no engine = no noise
  • more responsive, accurate driving

Electricity is cheaper and has less volatile pricing than gas

Electricity is less expensive than gasoline and EVs are more efficient than gasoline vehicles. Electricity prices are also generally much more stable than gasoline prices. On a national average, it costs less than half as much to travel the same distance in an EV than a conventional vehicle. In addition, some utilities offer even cheaper rates at night, which can further reduce your electricity costs.  Find out if your utility offers special incentives for EV drivers

on average, EVs produce ~1/2 the emissions of gas cars

Scientists wanted to know exactly how many emissions conventional cars were responsible for and how many emissions electric cars were responsible for. Their conclusion? “We found that battery electric cars generate half the emissions of the average comparable gasoline car, even when pollution from battery manufacturing is accounted for.”
source: CleanTechnica