Drive Electric Upper Cumberland

County map of Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee
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UCC photo Crossville NDEW
DE Upper Cumberland Ride& Drive in Fall 2021
Photo of UC meeting on charging locations

DE Upper Cumberland (DEUC) Info

Area: The upper-middle section of Tennessee that abuts Kentucky and is centered in Cookeville.

Counties covered: Macon, Smith, DeKalb, Cannon, Warren, Van Buren, White, Putnam, Jackson, Clay, Pickett, Overton, Fentress, Cumberland 

Story: In 2019, a DOE-funded project was begun that Tennessee Technological University created and won called “Developing an EV Demonstration Testbed in the Upper Cumberland (UC) Region of Tennessee.” Dr. Pingen Chen started that project, and it led into the kickoff of the Upper Cumberland Chapter. In 2022, Silas Stoddart of the Rural Planning Organization located in the Upper Cumberland Development District decided to join and help as a communications and event leader, but he left in latter 2022 and new UCDD partner Jenna McKenzie joined in the effort.

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DEUC Chapter Members

    Mike Allen – Mini Cooper SE
    Dr. Pingen Chen – Mustang Mach-E
    Evan Dake – Tesla Model 3
    Gerald Gannon – Tesla Model 3
    Mike Gotcher – Nissan Leaf
    Will Hoffert – BMW i3
    Linda Lee – Tesla Model 3
    DeLayne Miller – Nissan Leaf
    Joey Other – Nissan Leaf
    UCHRA-PT – E450 all-electric shuttle

    Tennessee Technological University
    Upper Cumberland Development District
    UCHRA Public Transportation
Upper Cumberland HRA public transportation E450 electric shuttle

Through a partnership with Tennessee Tech., the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency’s Public Transportation division, under the leadership of Directors Becky Harris (former) and Holly Montooth (current), acquired an E450 all-electric shuttle from Phoenix Motorcars. The shuttle is starting operations spring 2023 serving the TTU campus, and once proven to run the route without complications and getting the needed mileage, they will expand its service to the broader area, potentially using it for service in nearby counties as well.