There are over 12,000 registered EVs in Tennessee! Many electric vehicle drivers in our state are passionate about their vehicles and are keen to share their stories. Whether they’ve got a large family or just a loyal canine companion, below you’ll find a showcase of EV stories from owners of all backgrounds and walks of life.

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EVs and ethics: a Q&A with Daniel Siksay, environmentalist and philosopher

Daniel Siksay is an environmentalist, a feminist, and an accelerationist Marxist currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee. They hold a Masters in Philosophy from York University. They are currently working as the Chief of Staff for East Tennessee Clean Fuels, where they collaborate with fleets and individuals across the state to

100% “Charged Up” – a Q&A with Joe Ozegovich, a Memphis EV walk the talk leader

Joe Ozegovich enjoys sharing stories…from owning a Leaf to a Tesla, dodging day-dreaming drivers from 0 to 30 to saving $16,000 for his annual vacations – a win-win situation. Q: We like personal fun facts about our EV drivers. Can you share with us? A: When I’m not getting 100% electrically

EARTH to Tennessee: a Q&A with Raven Hernandez, CEO of Nashville’s EARTH rideshare

Big City. Big Vision. Raven Hernandez is a Tesla-and-motorcycle-driving organic gardener. She’s blazing a trail with her new company and big vision – EARTH rideshare. Raven Hernandez is the founder and C.E.O. of EARTH Rides. Q: We like personal fun facts about our EV drivers. Can you share with us? A:

Marty Young, paramedic and medical training professor owns a Chevrolet Volt

Marty Young tells all. His love for the Chevy Volt, tent living and his brush with the law. Marty Young is an Associate Professor of emergency medical services at Roane State Community College and a licensed paramedic with over 25 years of emergency service experience. (L-R): Anna Young (wife), Audrey
marty young photo