There are over 12,000 registered EVs in Tennessee! Many electric vehicle drivers in our state are passionate about their vehicles and are keen to share their stories. Whether they’ve got a large family or just a loyal canine companion, below you’ll find a showcase of EV stories from owners of all backgrounds and walks of life.

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EV Charging Warrior: A Q&A with Kira Costanza

Kira Costanza, Energy Solutions Manager of EV Charging and LED Lighting for Cape Electrical Supply, has worked to build the electric vehicle charging market for Cape Electric from the ground up and is fortunate to be a ChargePoint partner. Costanza, living in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is passionate about her work
Woman in blue jacket stands next to her Tesla electric vehicle parked in front of a brick building with a red sign reading, "Southfork Electrical Supply".

Young and Hopeful: A Q&A with 14-year-old Noah Mills

Noah Mills, a 14-year-old electric vehicle (EV) supporter, has a clear vision about the importance of EVs. So much so that he is already investing. Noah Mills is 14 years old and is rather fond of EVs as he is of his five animals including Stormy, his cat. Q: Can

The Tesla Couple: A Q&A with Susan and Jack Goodwin

Susan and Jack Goodwin personally own two Tesla Model 3 vehicles and have loved every minute of it. This is their EV story. Q: What kind of electric vehicle do you drive? A: “We have two 2018 Tesla Model 3s. Susan’s drives the Red LR RWD FSD, and Jack drives
Jack Goodwin stands to the left in a red Tesla hat and Susan Goodwin stand to right in a black Tesla hat taking a selfie.

Owning a “Magical Space Car”: A Q&A with Robert Lipe

Robert Lipe had many reasons for purchasing a Tesla, with safety being one of the most important features. With so many benefits, driving a Tesla became the best choice for him. Q: What kind of electric vehicle do you drive? A: A black 2019 Tesla Model 3 LRAWD with FSD.
Robert Lipe takes a selfie with his black, Tesla Model 3 behind him and mountains in the background.

From a Pop Star, Song-Writer to an EV advocate – a Q&A with Libby Bittman, ChargePoint Sales Director

Libby Bittman is the Sales Director for ChargePoint, a leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure technology. She is also a proud owner of an EV herself. Here, we ask her some questions about why she chose her EV and how it adds value to her life. Q: Who is Libby

Car Conversion King: a Q&A with Gary Bulmer, Knoxville

Gary Bulmer, a retired Captain of the NOAA Commissioned Corps, began considering renewable fuels in 1974, during the first gasoline shortage. From that point, he purchased his first hybrid vehicle in 2003.  Q: What event in your past might have turned out differently if you had been driving an EV? 

Outrunning and Outhandling: An EV Q&A with Dave Hrivnak, EV Pioneer

Dave Hrivnak is an EV Pioneer and a Subject Matter Expert, who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, traveling cross country in his EV and proving that there are plenty of reasons to buy-in! Check out this EV Q&A to see why he loves his EVs! EV Q&A Q: What

An “Emissions Swapper”: a Q&A with Eric Cardwell, KEVA president

Meet Eric Cardwell, an “Emissions Swapper” and a University of Tennessee alumnus with a master’s degree in electrical engineering who loves his personal electric vehicle – a Chevrolet Volt. He took the leap from owning an ICE to an EV because he hates gasoline and oil and has since become
Eric Cardwell