Drive Electric Tennessee 'EV Stories'

There are over 12,000 registered EVs in Tennessee! Many electric vehicle drivers in our state are passionate about their vehicles and are keen to share their stories. We want to hear your story, too! We’ve come up with a relatively easy list of questions for you to answer, about you, your EV, and your thoughts on EVs as the future of transportation in the United States. Once you’ve submitted your answers, we’ll look over them and get in touch with you. If your story is selected, you’ll be featured in an article on our TN EV Stories page!

Please don’t feel obligated to answer every question! If we can get 10-15 amazing answers per submission, we’ll be really happy. Additionally, if you would prefer to email us a short narrative about your EV story, we would be happy to have that as well! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. We’re looking forward to hearing more about you and your electric vehicle experience in Tennessee.

Information like year, model, color, unique features, etc. is helpful!
This list could be about your work, personal life, play, interest and hobbies, animal friends, company, community engagement, and/or any extras that you’d like to see in this write up.
Top three reasons, please.
If not, can you give us an idea of what you might consider as a nickname?
If the company provided this EV, would you mind sharing the name of this forward-thinking company? We’d like to write a story about their successes!
List more than one if you wish.
For example, vehicle, infrastructure, tax credits, etc.
What would you name it? What color would you pick?
For example, Direct Current (fast charging), Corridor (primary or secondary), Urban, Rural, Workplace, Home
Seven-character max including spaces.