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Over the years we will be producing a number of different guides, reports, videos, presentations and similar that we will place here for reading, saving or sharing. These documents will be outputs, plans, lessons learned and more that were produced by task forces under our Working Groups, from the entire initiative, or that are important partner items. You can view these in each section below.

EV Ride & Drives are one of the best ways to educate citizens and fleet managers about the benefits of EVs. A task force within the Awareness Working Group developed a Ride & Drive Event Guide that includes tips on running a safe and smooth event, measuring event success, and maximizing the experience for attendees and partners. It even has an event checklist you can readily print and use.

View and download the EV Ride & Drive Event Guide ⇒

The task force within the Awareness Working Group that developed our DET Ride & Drive Event Guide utilized a webinar to showcase the Guide to all the participants in the Working Group. Below you will find a recording of the webinar, and you can view the presentation online.

Drive Electric TN (DET) Local Chapters are regional or local collections of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) drivers and other partners who wish to expand the use of EVs in their community. DET cannot meet its goal of having 200,000 EVs on Tennessee roads without the successful work of these very important chapters. No one can do the outreach and education of area citizens and businesses like people from those communities.

To learn more about our current chapters, please visit the DET Chapters page!

View and download the Chapter Development Guide ⇒

The Drive Electric TN (DET) Infrastructure Working Group developed the Multifamily Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Guide. This guide is designed to educate multifamily property developers, owners, and managers on EV charging and its benefits. It outlines the key steps and provides insight to begin developing plans for your properties. DET cannot meet its goal of having 200,000 EVs on Tennessee roads without the successful work of our Working Groups.

To learn more about our current Working Groups, please visit the Working Groups page!

View and download the Multifamily EV Charging Infrastructure Guide ⇒

The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate the condition of Tennessee’s current electric vehicle charging infrastructure and to identify charging needs and potential geographic locations to support the adoption of 200,000 EVs in Tennessee. The scope and takeaways from each of the four parts of the Assessment are discussed in the document.

View and download the TN EV Charging Infrastructure Needs Assessment ⇒

Tennessee began considering how to recover the lost gas taxes that plug-in EVs do not pay during 2022 and 2023. The Tennessee Legislature passed the “Transportation Modernization Act,” which included a number of changes and included the new taxation system for EVs, which you can see at right. The fees started at $100/EV, but through calculations have escalated to $200 for BEVs (battery electric vehicles, AKA all-electric) in 2024 with a plan to reach $274 in 2027.

See the TN Department of Revenue’s “VR-5 – Registration Fees for Hybrid or Electric Vehicles” fee schedule as last posted in early 2024 ⇒

You can click on that image to open it in a Lightbox, and also right click to save it.

Click here to visit the DOR webpage with this information.

Staff from the University of Tennessee developed the calculations that were provided to the State in early 2023 – see those here. Those calculations make sense based on averages. The problem is that it makes all owners – regardless of how many miles a vehicle travels in a year – pay the same amount. Better fixes should be sought by the State Legislature in future years and could include a) placing a tax on kWhs dispensed as fuel [difficult], or b) determining a different, more fair way to assess tax based on how far an EV is driven each year [also difficult].

“Driving EV Leadership” – How to Develop a Successful Community EV Ecosystem (Fall 2020)

On September 24, 2020, DET launched the pilot program called “Driving EV Leadership” in Johnson City. The half-day event at the Carnegie Hotel featured presentations by elected officials, local and regional EV leaders and supporters, along with Commissioner Salyers. A post-conference Ride & Drive / Show & Tell EV Experience was included and where the owners of nine EVs and two electric bikes were present to provide information to conference attendees.

View the full presentation slides here.

DET Town Hall (Summer 2022)

At our first annual DET Town Hall, we shared numerous updates with you on major DET efforts, projects and initiatives! Attendees heard from many DET stakeholders including project leaders, Working Group Co-Chairs, fleet managers, partners from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the new DET Coordinator, and more!

  • Meet the new DET Coordinator!
  • Update on BEV/PHEV numbers in Tennessee: how many, where & numbers
  • Specialty license plate update – we have a winner! (Want one for free??)
  • Working Group summaries
  • Meet one of our first “Preferred EV Dealers” in the state – the Gold Standard?
  • Panel Discussion — Underserved Communities in the EV Landscape
  • Updates on multiple projects including “DRIVE Electric USA”, “NFPA EV Training”, “Medium-duty eTruck Pilot”, “Upper Cumberland EV Testbed Project”
  • Fleet updates from mass transit agencies and Tennessee’s leading all-electric ridesharing company

Diverse EV Applications for Your Fleet (Spring 2021)

Hear from four diverse electric vehicle OEMs and one EVSE company in one webinar and learn about diverse EV applications for your fleet.

Companies participating:

Lion Electric Co.
Concept Geebee Inc.

View the full presentation here.

Tennessee Tech’s “EV Testbed” Project Spring Webinar Series (Spring 2021)

Part 1 & 2 of Tennessee Tech’s DOE-funded award/project “Developing an EV Demonstration Testbed in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee, an Economy Distressed Rural Region”

Webinar #1:  “Utilities and EV Charging Stations in Rural Setting” • Webinar #2:  “Light-duty EVs and User Experiences” (& OEM presentations)

EV Mythbusters Series (Winter 2022)

On Thursday, Feb. 17, 2022, Drive Electric TN hosted the “EV Mythbusters Series: Testimonials from Tennessee Electric Vehicle Drivers” webinar with four EV drivers from around the state of Tennessee. Each participant shared their personal experiences purchasing, driving, charging and living each day with their vehicle.

You can directly view and download the presentation below.

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, Drive Electric TN hosted the “EV Mythbusters Series: Testing Electric Vehicle Range Across Tennessee” webinar with two Tennesseans. Follow along as they describe their experiences testing the range of their EVs as well as the factors to consider when planning a longer trip.

You can directly view and download the presentation below.