Drive Electric Tennessee is committed to engaging with as many communities as possible. We provide a variety of different types of outreach, from general EV education and infrastructure planning to EV Ride & Drive events. Please see below for more information about each type of event; if you are interested in hosting something in your area, please reach out to our DET coordinator Alex Strong ( to learn more!

EV & EVSE Education

EV and EVSE Education events are community-driven events that aim to gather and engage citizens in all areas related to electric vehicles. Our EV Education events aim to provide a broad overview of electric vehicles in general, as well as funding available, current projects involving electrification, and an in-depth look at EV-related manufacturing jobs in the state. Past events occurred in the Northwest portion of the state (9 counties total), hosted in Martin.

Our EVSE education events provide an opportunity for community citizens to voice their input on the best locations for EV charging equipment in their area. Past areas of focus are the Upper Cumberland Region (14 counties in upper central Tennessee) and Memphis. Suggestions were noted on a shared Google Map and provided to the event organizers for future reference.

Ride & Drives

Electric vehicle Ride & Drives are one of the best ways to educate citizens and fleet managers about the benefits of EVs. Being able to see all the features, hear how quiet they are, and see that there is no tailpipe for many can be an eye-opening experience. These events rely heavily on the local community of EV drivers in the area, as they provide not only the vehicles but also the perspective of an actual owner who can speak about the realities of EV ownership.

We utilize our DET Chapters to help lead Ride & Drive events in their area, and welcome any interest in using such an event to start a chapter in a new area!

Ride & Drives can be set up as a part of a larger event or as stand-alone occurrences. We love to participate in both!

Driving EV Leadership

Our goal for this event series was to partner with local power companies (LPC) to engage local government representatives, LPCs and their stakeholders, local community leaders, businesses, and other organizations to help their region develop familiarity with EVs and further develop their plans to accept and adopt electric transportation in Tennessee. Each Driving EV Leadership event provided LPCs the opportunity to build momentum towards community electrification within their service territory, thus allowing decision-makers to network, plan, and even create planning workflows for various barriers to electrification in their communities. Each event also included an update on the hosting LPC’s electrification plans and efforts, discussions about the barriers to electrification that are specific to the hosting community, as well as an opportunity to test drive currently available EV technologies at a Ride & Drive event held at the end. After each event, ETCleanFuels will follow-up with attendees and provide resources for future engagement.

Click the logos below for presentations from the Driving EV Leadership events!

Have any questions about the events? Please contact Alex Strong at

Thank you to everyone who has participated in a past event, and we look forward to working with more of you in the future!