Tennessee Numbers – EVs and EVSE


Number of BEVs in TN = 15,511

Number of PHEVs in TN = 6,835

Total PEVs = 22,346

EVSE – Charging Infrastructure

Number of Level 2 charging ports in TN = 1,125

Number of DCFC ports, all types in TN = 256

Level 2 ports breakdown:  J1772 = 974; Tesla = 151
DCFC ports breakdown:  CCS = 81; Tesla = 160; CHAdeMO = 50

> BEV = “battery electric vehicle” and means only all-electric vehicles.

> PHEV = “plug-in hybrid vehicle” and means vehicles that have a combination of an electric-drive system with a battery, and some size (large or small) of an internal combustion engine (ICE) in them as well. 

> PEV = “plug-in electric vehicle” and means all vehicles that have a plug: BEVs and PHEVs. 

> EVSE = “electric vehicle supply equipment” and is the broad name for all EV charging equipment no matter size or charging speed.

> “Level 2” charging refers to single-phase, 220-240 volt (V), alternating-current (AC) charging equipment. In size, they are typically the size of 1-2 shoe boxes, minus any stanchions. 

> DCFC = “direct current fast charging” and refers to three-phase, 480V, direct current (DC) charging equipment. DCFC equipment is typically about as tall (or taller) than a refrigerator and about half as deep.

  • The EV data above is as of 9/30/22; the EVSE data above is as of 10/27/22.
  • All data shown below is as of the end of that period (i.e., year, quarter).
  • The EV numbers are from registration data from the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue.
  • The EVSE numbers are all coming from the U.S. DOE’s Alternative Fuel Data Center (AFDC) Station Locator.




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