DriveElectricTN Specialty License Plates are Coming! Learn more and Register Today!

Give us feedback on our top 8 speciality license plate designs! Survey: Here Interested in registering for a license plate before the design is finished? Register: Here Our team is in the process of designing a DriveElectricTN (DET) Specialty License Plate where our goal is to secure a minimum of

DET Coordinator Update: What does the future look like for DET?

It has been a true pleasure to help DriveElectricTN grow into the impressive statewide initiative that it is today. Our team in Knoxville and our stakeholders have achieved a lot; projects completed, local Chapters created, tens of thousands of Tennesseans reached. In two years, DET has become a powerhouse! A huge thanks
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GM to spend $2.3B and create 1,300 new jobs in TN

Here’s hoping the new revolution General Motors is bringing to Spring Hill, Tennessee, goes better than the last revolution the automaker brought to the once-sleepy hamlet south of Nashville. That first revolution was Saturn, and it didn’t work out anything like the automaker hoped — or promised.
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Webinar Available: Diverse, Innovative EV Applications For Your Fleet

Hear from four diverse electric vehicle OEMs and one EVSE company in one webinar and speak with representatives about their diverse EV applications for your fleet. About this Event The days of electric vehicle (EVs) options being limited to small sedans and hatchbacks are over. With enormous private and public
Finger pushing 'E-mobility start' button: 'Webinar: Diverse EV Applications for your Fleet'