Single Membership: Recurring
  • Membership Period: 1 Year
  • Automatic Renewal
Single Membership: Annual
  • Membership Period: 1 year
  • Annual Renewal


  • Volunteer in a DET Working Group: Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in one or more of DET’s four “Opportunity Area” working groups: Infrastructure, Awareness, Policies & Programs, and Availability
  • Meet others in the DET Community: Where available, networking opportunities through virtual and onsite meetings where DET members across Tennessee and other EV stakeholders are invited to further the Roadmap’s mission and vision.
  • Access to engaging DET content: Monthly email communications about EV news, DET efforts and activities, and other related stories sent directly to your inbox.
  • Receive an annual membership swag pack: Once your membership officially begins, one DET annual swag pack will be mailed to you. The swag pack includes items such as a window cling (or vinyl sticker) to show your support for DET and EVs


On top of providing a yearly discount to you, selecting a recurring annual membership affirms your commitment to growing EV learning and use in Tennessee as fast as possible, and helps us plan for a stronger fiscal future for DriveElectricTN.


Membership is subject to review and approval of the DET Executive Committee or ETCleanFuels staff. Your membership will run 365 days from the date payment is received and processed.

All memberships and donations will be administered and monitored by the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition.


You will receive an email from the DET Program Coordinator with more details about your membership and how you can get involved with DET projects.

You will also receive monthly emails with a range of EV-related news will be sent to your inbox.