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DriveElectricTN members contribute both time and fiscal assistance to ensure a future for our program. Their contributions help fund DET’s administrative team, produce project materials, and make it possible for DET to reach out to as many Tennesseeans as possible to spread our message.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has been actively involved in Drive Electric TN efforts since the beginning and was the driving force behind pulling together over 100 participants in 2018 towards our collaborative development of the Tennessee “EV Roadmap.” Since that time, TVA has invested in DET to expand our understanding of the market barriers we face in Tennessee and how we can collectively work together to remove those barriers. The list of activities that TVA has undertaken is too long to name here but two major items include their leadership on developing the “Statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Needs Assessment” in 2019, and more recently (February 2021) their partnership announcement with TDEC and TDOT to invest in installing corridor and urban DCFC infrastructure over the coming few years in our state.
Drew Frye of TVA participates in the Executive Committee for DET and acts as a co-chair for the Infrastructure Working Group.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Office of Energy Programs (TDEC OEP) is the governor-designated State Energy Office for Tennessee. It provides education, outreach, technical assistance, funding, and financing opportunities and promotes the efficient, effective use of energy to enhance the environmental and economic health of the state.

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Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) provides electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater services to more than 464,000 customers in Knoxville and parts of seven surrounding counties. KUB strives to be a leader in the use of clean fuels and supports EV adoption in our community. KUB was a partner in developing the Tennessee “EV Roadmap” in 2018. Locally, KUB has made strides in promoting the use of EV within its fleet and throughout the community. In 2019, KUB developed its Level 2 EV Charger Rebate Program, becoming the first Tennessee utility to offer an EV incentive.  KUB serves on the Drive Electric Tennessee working groups for Policies & Planning and Infrastructure.

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EPB provides energy and fiber optic services to the people of the greater Chattanooga area. In addition to joining in the development of the Tennessee “EV Roadmap” in 2018, EPB has worked with Chattanooga Area Transit Authority, TVA and other partners in support of EV charger deployment and promotion. As a result of joint efforts across a number of organizations, Chattanooga ranks among Tennessee’s top places for the availability of public EV charging stations. Through a partnership with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, EPB has also helped to establish a mile-long traffic test corridor which is used to test automated vehicle technologies along with innovative systems designed to automatically monitor and analyze traffic flows in order to optimize transportation and enhance safety. In addition, Chattanooga is the home of Volkswagen’s assembly operations for their new ID.4 electric SUV along with their new battery lab and battery pack assembly facility.

Community Solar >> Click here to learn more about EPB’s 1.4 MW program!

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water (MLGW) supports electric transportation to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality.  As a partner in developing the Tennessee “EV Roadmap,” which set the goal of 200,000 EVs registered in the state by 2028, MLGW continues to explore opportunities to foster EV adoption and increase EV charging infrastructure across our service territory.  Short-term plans include developing an official EV Strategy for MLGW, supporting businesses and organizations with EV fleet expansions, educating the community on the benefits of EVs, expanding our optional residential electric Time-of-Use rate and evaluating the purchase of additional EVs for the MLGW fleet.  Becky Williamson participates on the DET Awareness and Infrastructure Working Groups. 

Nashville Electric Service (NES) is working to improve the air quality in Nashville by supporting the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on petroleum-based fuels.  As an original member of Governor Bredesen’s Zero Emission Mobility Project, we recognized early-on the value electric transportation brings to our state and our role as the new fuel provider.  In fulfilling our commitment to our customers to continue providing safe, reliable and affordable power, we are actively working with our local and state governments, our commercial and residential customers, Drive Electric TN, TVA and other local power companies to implement a series of initiatives to accelerate the adoption of EV’s across the TVA region.

Community Solar >> Click here to learn more about NES’s 2.0 MW program!

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Founded in 1936 and headquartered in Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) is the largest electric cooperative in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) region and the second largest in the United States, serving more than 750,000 Tennesseans via 315,000+ accounts covering nearly 2,200 square miles in 11 Middle Tennessee counties, primarily Rutherford, Cannon, Williamson and Wilson. With the purpose of making life better for its members, MTE provides numerous renewable energy options and is committed to the use of electric vehicles, both in its fleet and through the development of member programs to encourage EV adoption.  Its DriveEV initiative is designed to provide information and guidance to EV owners and prospects, homebuilders and developers, and governmental entities to support the adoption of electric vehicles throughout the MTE service area.

Community Solar >> Click here to learn more about MTE’s 1.0 MW program!

BrightRidge provides electricity and related programs, services, and products to the following areas: all of Washington County, as well as parts of Carter, Greene, and Sullivan Counties in northeast Tennessee. BrightRidge provides electric service to approximately 78,600 customer metered locations, and was formerly knows as Johnson City Power Board (JCPB since 1945, changing to BrightRidge just a few years ago). In 2018, BrightRidge launched a new division, BrightRidge Broadband, which offers high-speed internet, voice, and video services to customers. BrightRidge is a big supporter of a transition to EVs and currently uses two Chevrolet Bolts in their Broadband division, which ends up with lots of questions from customers about their EVs!

BrightRidge’s solar projects >>
     1. Community Solar Farm – in Telford, TN; this is currently fully subscribed with a waiting list (5 MW DC).
2. Martin Solar Farm – in Jonesborough, TN; not a community solar subscription farm, but 100% of the output will go to lowering costs for all BrightRidge customers with special credits going to local education and municipal entities (9 MW AC).

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Founded in 2009, Blink Charging is an electric vehicle (“EV”) charging company dedicated to slowing climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by gas powered transportation. The company is paving the way for the growth of the EV industry by accelerating adoption of EVs through deploying EV charging infrastructure globally.  Blink works with Businesses & Property Owners to be at the forefront of the green energy revolution and make your location environmentally friendly by installing EV charging stations to attract EV drivers and support sustainability. Blink offers several different business models for the deployment of EV charging stations powered by the robust, cloud-based Blink Network. We work with our host locations to design a program to fit each specific location’s needs. Blink business models include Host Owned, Hybrid Owned, Blink Owned, and Blink as a Service.

Cape Electric has specialized in providing a high level of service and a large available product offering of the industry’s leading brand names. Chances are, if you need a specific electrical product by name, part number, or application, Cape Electric will have it available either through stock, vendor distribution, or factory order. Cape Electric’s growth has allowed the company to expand beyond the traditional commercial and industrial markets. Cape Electric’s presence in voice and data communication, utility markets, and residential showrooms has become well established during the past 15 years. And, we’ve successfully merged today’s technologies with our capabilities to become a national supplier to a number of leading U.S. companies. At the heart of Cape Electric’s business is the people factor. They’ve worked to craft a culture that frees talented people to develop business relationships and become the primary source for their customers’ product related needs.

Seven States Power is an energy solutions company that serves power utilities across seven states of the Tennessee Valley. We are owned and operated by our members who are the 153 power utilities that distribute TVA-generated electricity and provide a variety of essential services that build the economy and enhance life in their communities. Our turnkey products and services include solar arrays, EVs (electric vehicle) and EV chargers, backup generation, combined heat and power, battery storage, fiber deployment, cybersecurity, electric ride-through technology and distributed energy resource management systems. Seven States Power, formed in 2007, is a non-profit membership corporation with the powers of a generation & transmission cooperative. In 2020, Seven States Energy, LLC, was formed to leverage sustainable resources that aid in the economic viability of member-owned – and Seven States enabled – distributed generation and renewable technology projects across the Tennessee Valley.

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The Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE) at the University of Tennessee is part of the Tickle College of Engineering and is the major contracting partner for the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition. ISSE provides support to the coalition in a number of ways and together the two entities look for collaborative research and outreach opportunities that can help drive DET towards its goal of 200,000 EVs on Tennessee roads by 2028.

Since 2016, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has nominated several interstates and major highways for designation as a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Alternative Fuel Corridor; this allows for federal transportation funding to be used towards building charging and refueling stations along these corridors. TDOT also served as a key stakeholder in the development of Drive Electric Tennessee’s “EV Roadmap”. In 2020, TDOT led development of the regional, FHWA-funded I-40 Alternative Fuel Corridor Deployment Plan and has since intended to provide TDEC with an additional $7 million in federal Highway Infrastructure Program (HIP) funds to expand fast-charging electric vehicle infrastructure along FHWA-designated Alternative Fuel Corridors in Tennessee. Staff from TDOT’s Long Range Planning Division serve in Drive Electric Tennessee’s Infrastructure and Policies & Programs Working Groups.

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The Tennessee Valley Public Power Association Inc. (TVPPA) is the nonprofit, regional service organization that represents the interests of consumer-owned electric utilities operating within the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) service area. TVPPA members include both municipal and electric cooperatives, and they serve more than 9 million people in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia.

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Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association (TMEPA) is the statewide membership association of 60 municipal and county electric power providers in Tennessee. Together our utility systems provide power to two-thirds of the homes and businesses in Tennessee which represents approximately 75% of the power sold in the state. Our systems have over 6,000 committed employees providing public power locally to nearly 4.5 million Tennesseans. These committed power providers are organized as government entities operating under either an Electric Power Board or the local municipal City Council. Our primary mission is to advance an environment that will contribute to the welfare, common good and overall success of Tennessee municipal utility systems.

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Reeder Chevrolet is Tennessee’s top volume Chevrolet EV dealer in 2020 and is leading the pack in 2021 by embracing the new EV technology and by stocking more Bolt EV & EUV’s than any other dealer in state. The entire sales team has spent time driving and learning about our electric cars so they feel comfortable explaining the vehicles to our traditional ICE customers. We have a designated EV lounge on the sales side of the dealership that includes one DC fast charger and eight Level 2 chargers that we invite our customers to use anytime they are in the area and need to plug up. All our new vehicle EV customers receive lifetime tire rotations and starting in January 2021 we began giving a free level 2 home charger with every new Bolt EV purchase or lease. We are very excited about Chevrolet’s future lineup of EV’s to be announced over the next few years and want to do everything we can to support the 2028 200,000 EV goal that DriveElectricTN has set for Tennessee.

Mountain View Chevrolet is a certified Chevrolet dealer located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At their Chattanooga car dealership, you’ll find a solid selection of new Chevrolet models for sale in Chattanooga, as well as a carefully inspected lineup of pre-owned vehicles. Once you’ve explored their inventory, make your way to Mtn. View Chevrolet in Chattanooga today for quality vehicles, a friendly team, and professional service at every step of the way.

Adopt a Charger, a nonprofit organization, accelerates the widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles through the proliferation of public, fee-free electric car chargers which are “adopted” by sponsors. These sponsors, corporations, organizations and individuals, donate funds used to install and maintain EV chargers in parks, museums, beaches and other widely used public places.

Insequence’s software, SPD Pro, has been developed around the demands of the supply chain and manufacturing industry. Their just-in-sequence (JIS) and manufacturing solutions are active in hundreds of facilities across the Americas and Europe. This includes facilities operated by their original customer, with who they began working within 1996. Over 20 years later, Insequence has risen to become a leading provider of manufacturing sequencing software, supporting many of the world’s largest automotive suppliers for over 20 different automotive OEMs.

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The East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition (ETCleanFuels) is one of the two U.S. DOE “Clean Cities” programs in Tennessee and is the administrative lead for Drive Electric TN. Multiple staff for ETCleanFuels work on the DET effort, including DET Coordinator Virginia Salazar Buda. Buda and the other staff serve on the DET Executive Committee, as co-chairs on Working Groups, and as Task Force members to help generate not just outputs but outcomes that positively impact the drive for putting more EVs on Tennessee roads.

> Savannah Robertson – DET Coordinator. Jonathan Overly – DET Administrator, Infrastructure Working Group member, and Chapter Development Task Force lead. Daniel Siksay – Co-Coordinator, Awareness Working Group Co-Captain.

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The Middle-West Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition (MWTCF) is one of the two U.S. DOE “Clean Cities” programs in Tennessee and is a major partner in managing activities for Drive Electric TN. Multiple staff for MWTCF work on the DET effort and serve on the DET Executive Committee, as co-chairs on Working Groups, and as Task Force members to help generate not just outputs but outcomes that positively impact the drive for putting more EVs on Tennessee roads.

> Alexa Voytek – Executive Committee member and Co-chair of the Policies & Programs Working Group. Shauna Basques – Executive Committee member, Co-chair of the Awareness Working Group, and lead for the “Ride & Drive Guide” Task Force.

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Benefits of individual membership: Join a Working Group (Infrastructure, Awareness, Policies & Programs), DET window clings or vinyl stickers to show your support for DET and EVs, Networking with other EV stakeholders