LPCs & EVs

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BrightRidge = 2 Bolts (wrapped)


KUB = 1 Leaf (wrapped)


Appalachian Electric Coop = 1 Bolt (wrapped)


Gallatin Dept. of Elec. = 1 Lightning (coming)


EPB = 3 Bolts


Morristown Utilities = 1 VW ID.4


Paris BPU = 1 Bolt (wrapped)

Members of the Appalachian Highlands DET Chapter at Drive Electric Earth Day event

Drive Electric TN (DET) Chapters are regional or local collections of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) drivers and other partners who wish to expand the use of EVs in their community. DET cannot meet its goal of having 200,000 EVs on Tennessee roads without the successful work of these very important, local citizens. No one can do the outreach and education to area citizens and businesses like people from those communities.  

DET started working on Chapter development in earnest in 2020… and it takes some time to bring together such members and form a working team. Our current Chapters are:

Four chapters are more fully developed while the remaining chapters are still in the formative stages of establishment. The map above provides a visual example of how Chapter development in Tennessee is proceeding but know that we are excited to work with any group of folks to develop a Chapter in your city or community! We hope that at least six Chapters are operational by the end of 2022.

For more information about DET Chapters, please view our handout!

If YOU want to help advance tailpipe-free driving in Tennessee, we invite you to join YOUR LOCAL Chapter. If you’re interested in starting a Chapter in your area, please email us at info@driveelectrictn.org to find out how! Get involved TODAY to make a difference for our beautiful state!

Now Hiring: DriveElectricTN Director

Drive Electric Tennessee is currently looking to hire a Director for the program. Interested in leading a program focusing on increasing electric vehicle adoption across Tennessee? Check out the job description below, and apply today! Role Overview: As the DET Coordinator, your role will be multifaceted, primarily involving stakeholder management, project…

Intern with Drive Electric Tennessee

Drive Electric Tennessee is currently accepting resumes and cover letters from people interested in serving as a DriveElectricTN Coordinator Assistant/Intern in 2023.  Those interested in applying should email DET Coordinator Savannah…