GHG Reductions from Driving an EV in Tennessee – Driver Examples

The below interactive map is highlighting examples of the greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions that can come from switching your internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to an electric vehicle (EV) in Tennessee. Turns out, the easiest way to reduce your transportation GHG-related emissions is simply buy and drive an EV in Tennessee! This is thanks in large part to a) TVA’s reduction in using coal-powered electricity generation from well over 50% in the early 2000’s to now around 20% in the early 2020’s (and shrinking), but also b) almost 40% of our power coming from GHG-free nuclear power.

We now know that the transportation sector is responsible for roughly 40% of all the GHG emissions created in the USA from all sources, and getting individual Tennesseans to learn about, test drive, and get their questions answered is the fastest way to get more Tennesseans driving electric.

Click on any star to open (in a lightbox) that Tennesseans information about their vehicles and GHG emissions. Read below for more information about the information and tools we used, and how we calculated all the reductions.
(Most scroll features are activate while in the image map.)

The TVA grid mix was recent the following, and that is the grid mix data that was used in the Argonne National Lab’s AFLEET Online tool to generate these results. Along with that grid mix, we used the mileage that these drivers drove in CY-2022, and the fuel economy of their new EV and their previous internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.

  • Oil = 0%
  • Natural Gas = 27%
  • Coal = 19%
  • Nuclear = 39%
  • Renewables (incl. hydro, solar, and wind) = 15%

Do you live in a hole in this map – in a county or city that we don’t have represented? Would you like to join the ranks of these folks and be highlighted here? Just reach out to jonathan [at] and he can help!

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