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Over the years we will be producing a number of different guides, reports, videos, presentations and similar that we will place here for reading, saving or sharing. These documents will be outputs, plans, lessons learned and more that were produced by task forces under our Working Groups, from the entire initiative, or that are important partner items. Using the accordion-style section you see below, just click on the plus sign (+) for any section and it will open to show those materials.

In 2018, a wide variety of partners from across the state of Tennessee assisted in developing a vision and plan for building Tennessee into a leading state for EV adoption in the southeast. We called it our ROADMAP, or “A Roadmap for EVs in Tennessee.” It contains goals and guiding principles for increasing EV adoption over the next 5-10 years. It was published in January 2019. We understand that it is a guide and that updates will be required in coming years to adapt and overcome various barriers that evolve and require our collective greater attention in future years.

Use the below PDF viewer the quickly review the Roadmap. To download a version, click here.


EV Ride & Drives are one of the best ways to educate citizens and fleet managers about the benefits of EVs. A task force within the Awareness Working Group developed a Ride & Drive Event Guide that includes tips on running a safe and smooth event, measuring event success, and maximizing the experience for attendees and partners. It even has an event checklist you can readily print and use.

You can directly read the Guide using the advancing buttons at the bottom of the below embedded PDF, or view and download the PDF here.


The task force within the Awareness Working Group that developed our DET Ride & Drive Event Guide utilized a webinar to showcase the Guide to all the participants in the Working Group. Below you will find both the presentation and the recording of the webinar.

EV Ride and Drive Guide Front Page

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