Thank you to everyone who participated in one or more of the Driving EV Leadership event series!

Our goal of this event series was to partner with local power companies (LPC) to engage local government representatives, LPCs and their stakeholders, local community leaders, businesses, and other organizations to help their region develop familiarity with EVs, and further develop their plans to accept and adopt electric transportation in Tennessee. Each Driving EV Leadership event provided LPCs the opportunity to build momentum towards community electrification within their service territory, thus allowing decision-makers to network, plan, and even create planning workflows for various barriers to electrification in their communities. Each events alos included an update on the hosting LPC’s electrification plans and efforts, discussions about the barriers to electrification that are specific to the hosting community, as well as an opportunity to test drive currently available EV technologies at a Ride & Drive event held at the end. After each event, ETCleanFuels will follow-up with attendees and provide resources for future engagement.

The Driving EV Leadership event series was hosted with the following LPCs:

  • Memphis Light, Water and Gas (5/25 – FedEx Event Center)
  • Morristown Utilities (6/22 – Walter State Community College)
  • Pulaski Electric Systems (7/19 – PES Boardroom)

Have any questions or comments about the event(s)? Contact Savannah at

On behalf of our event planning team, we hope that you all enjoyed the event(s)!

Thank you to our partner power companies!

MLGW’s EV Charging Station Community Forum

Wednesday, May 24

MU’s Driving EV Leadership Event

Thursday, June 22

PES’s Driving EV Leadership Event

Wednesday, July 19 – photos coming soon!

MLGW’s Driving EV Leadership Event

Thursday, May 25