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Electric Vehicles on Tennessee Roads by 2028


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local stakeholders

Throughout 2018, a core team of stakeholders, including State agencies, electric utilities, cities, universities, electric vehicle manufacturers, businesses, and advocacy groups, worked together on the development of a shared vision for electric transportation in the state.

Those discussions included goals and guiding principles for increased electric vehicle adoption over the 5-10 years. Together, these stakeholders comprise Drive Electric Tennessee (DET).

Program Goals

Economic Development

Promote local and regional economic development;
Be attentive to local customer preferences and needs;
Be mindful of supply chain and other resource constraints

Social Benefits

Include social equity considerations to benefit all Tennesseans;
Reduce environmental impacts


Prioritize cost effective investments;
Maintain a safe, reliable, affordable, and continuously optimized electric grid

Technology Innovation

Foster entrepreneurship and technical innovation in the transportation sector;
Prepare for a more connected, autonomous transportation sector

Program Timeline: Working Groups


Developing effective and efficient electric vehicle infrastructure across the state of Tennessee through coordination & planning, build-out, and standards & maintenance.


Increasing EV Awareness in Tennessee through EV ride & drive promotion, fleet education, and EV consumer education.

Policies and Programs

Developing EV-oriented policies & programs through state government regulations, standardized local policies, corporate policies, coordinated utility programs, EV and EVSE incentives.

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