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EV Buyers FAQ

Benefits for Certified EV Dealers

  • Inclusion on our Certified EV Dealers page for buyers

    Your dealership will be included on a searchable map of Certified EV Dealers in Tennessee. EV buyers will be able to search for Certified EV Dealers based on their location and other factors, including vehicle type and models available. Your dealership’s logo, address, and contact information will be available both on the map and in the list of results below the map.

  • Opportunity to participate in local Ride & Drive events (with dealer promotion in event materials, etc.)

    DriveElectricTN and our partners host EV Ride & Drive events across Tennessee. When an event is happening in your area, your dealership will be the first call we make to secure vehicles for that event, giving you the opportunity to conduct dozens to hundreds of Test Drives depending on the size of the event. When you participate, your dealership will be featured in all digital and physical event materials.

  • Published in a periodical “Certified EV Dealers List”

    DriveElectricTN will produce a periodical “Certified EV Dealers in Tennessee” list that includes all current Certified Dealers, as well as their contact information and models available from your dealership. For each publication, opportunities to promote your dealership as a “Dealership Sponsor” will be made available to you and your team.

Become a Certified EV Dealer

Certified Dealer Requirements

  • Dealership keeps an inventory of at least 2 EVs that are available for purchase.

    Why? Keeping EVs in stock ensures that dealerships are providing a similar buying experience to that of a customer looking for a traditional ICE vehicle. Maintaining a stock of EVs allows dealers to provide test drives and the opportunity to view vehicle options as they would any other vehicle purchase.

  • Dealership has at least one sales staff that has completed EV dealership training, either from the state electric program or through their OEM.

    Why? Sales staff are required to be knowledgeable enough to give the consumer information about ICE vehicles, so EV sales staff should be held to the same standard. Also, this requirement ensures that sales staff do not convince potential EV buyers to purchase an ICE vehicle instead simply because they are not knowledgeable about the EVs.

    Additional Notes:

    • DET will provide EV Dealership training materials that have been developed by the DET Awareness Working Group
    • This requirement will be WAIVED if the dealership can present proof of EV certification from their OEM
  • Dealership has at least one Level 2 charging station installed at the dealership site

    Why? Dealerships must be able to charge their vehicles for consumers to complete test drives and bring their newly purchased EV back to their residence. Dealership staff must also be able to explain the basics of charging infrastructure to consumers with their own station to use as an example.

    Additional Notes:

    • This charging station can be either a networked or non-networked unit.

Recommendations for Certified EV Dealers

  • Dealership offers charging to consumers, not only for their stock vehicles

    *These can be additional Level 2 charging units or DC Fast Charging units

  • Dealership becomes a DriveElectricTN member so that DET staff can help the dealership continue to promote electric vehicles.

  • Dealership offers events and services specifically tailored to EV interested drivers such as multi-day test drives and offering free charging units and/or installation as part of the vehicle package

  • Dealership offers EV information at their site.

    This information could include:

    1. Information about home EVSE installations including reputable providers and installers
    2. Information about local incentives from power companies or government organizations
    3. Offering the opportunity to register for the DriveElectricTN specialty license plate
    4. Offering literature about DET, local DET Chapters, and local EV clubs within the dealership as well as directing EV interested consumers toward local chapters
  • Dealership provides EV maintenance incentives.

EV Training for Certified Dealers