The above map shows the advance of electric school buses in Tennessee over the last few years. Propane and natural gas buses are used in some districts, as well. The map does not provide dates and some highlighted districts will not receive their electric school buses until late 2023 or into 2024.

The TN BEEP (Bus Electrification, Education and Planning) partnership is providing no-cost education and assistance services to school district leadership and fleet management personnel in Tennessee. Significant funding is coming through the EPA over the next five years and this partnership can help any districts that want to “make the switch” to electric or other alternative-fuel school buses.

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Fill out the below and we will get the right person to contact you and provide assistance as quickly as we can.


Webinars & Presentations:

  1. The 8/3/22 TN BEEP Webinar that was focused on Charging equipment – Webinar recording (audio transcript and chat are in the recording); webinar slides
  2. The 4/21/22 TN BEEP WebinarWebinar recording (audio transcript and chat are in the recording); webinar slides
  3. EPA’s March 23rd webinar – Introduction to the CSB Program
  4. The STRIDE February 23rd webinar – Electric School Buses: The Future is Now
    (STRIDE = “Southeastern Team Reducing the Impacts of Diesel Emissions” and is EPA Region 4’s collaborative)
  5. WRI’s Electric School Buses: Stories from the Field Presentation
  6. A version of the slightly modified EPA presentation that multiple partners gave to districts throughout Tennessee in summer 2022.

Websites and Tools:

  1. EPA Clean School Bus Program funding website, Clean School Bus Fast Sheet
  2. WRI’s Electric School Bus Guide! See just below at right…
  3. DOE+DOT’s “EV Charging Justice40 Mapping Tool
    (DOT and DOE developed a joint interim definition of disadvantaged communities (DACs) for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. The definition uses publicly available data sets that capture vulnerable populations, health, transportation access and burden, energy burden, fossil dependence, resilience, and environmental and climate hazards. It includes three components: a) combined census tracts from DOT’s working DAC definition and DOE’s working DAC definition; b) Tribal Lands; and c) U.S. Territories. The geographic area associated with these three DAC components can be viewed in the Justice40 Map tool.)


Our team can help you with anything from electric/alternative fuel bus learning to grant assistance to charging and infrastructure needs and costs. You can use the form at left to send a note to DET Coordinator Savannah Robertson and she will direct you to the best contact, or reach our directly to any of the people listed below.  

Washington County Schools

Tennessee Clean Fuels / Drive Electric TN / TDEC


World Resources Institute (WRI)

TVA Office Hours

To support prioritized and eligible school districts and their LPCs in the TVA territory, TVA will host weekly office hours with the intent to help connect applicants and their LPCs with more localized assistance and resources beyond what will be offered by the EPA’s office hours.

These will be hosted once per week via Zoom, alternating between Tuesdays at 12:30 pm CT and Wednesdays at 9:00 am CT.

Office hours will be held on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, June 15 @ 9 am CT
  • Tuesday, June 21 @ 12:30pm CT
  • Wednesday, June 29 @ 9 am CT
  • Tuesday, July 5 @ 12:30 pm CT
  • Wednesday, July 13 @ 9 am CT
  • Tuesday, July 19 @ 12:30 pm CT
  • Wednesday, July 27 @ 9 am CT
  • Tuesday, August 2 @ 12:30pm CT
  • Wednesday, August 10 @ 9 am CT
  • Tuesday, August 16 @ 12:30pm CT

Tuesday Session Zoom Link: Here

Wednesday Session Zoom Link: Here


World Resources Institute has created a great guide for electric school buses in the U.S.! Please click here or on the image below to access the guide. Please get in-touch with any of our contacts for further assistance once you have accessed the guide.

WRI's electric school bus guide